I am Ionut Popescu from Romania and I currently work as a Senior Application Security Engineer, focusing on web security. I previously worked as a Senior Penetration Tester for a few years and also as a C/C++ Developer, but the passion for the security started more than 10 years ago.

I am interested in probably all aspects of IT/Information Security. I particularly want to know more about advanced web application attacks, reverse engineering, exploit and shellcode development.

This blog is a personal project and I will write anything I think that might be useful for the security research community.

I presented NetRipper at Defcon 23 and BlackHat Asia Arsenal 2018, Shellcode Compiler at DefCamp 2016 and XSS Fuzzer at BSides Bucharest 2018. I also did two online interviews, one for SecuriTeam and one for Pentest Magazine.

I am one of the administrators of the largest security community from Romania, Romanian Security Team and you can also find me on Twitter (NytroRST) and GitHub (NytroRST).

Oh, I have some certifications: OSCP, OSWP, CISSP and MCTS: Windows Internals.

Thank you!